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My Holiday Wish for you

Another twirl around the sun is coming to an end. We made it!

It’s the time of year when many of my corporate clients are either working on their self-evaluations for the year gone by or writing their development plans for the year ahead. It’s so easy to forget how far you’ve come in your growth, how much ground you’ve covered in your career, how many projects you’ve artfully contributed to, or how much positive impact you’ve had on the world around you.

My holiday wish for you…

Whether you have a corporate job or not, is to give yourself the gift of pausing to reflect on and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished this year. I don’t mean just the tasks and activities you’ve checked off of your to-do list, though they most certainly count.

I invite you to expand your gaze…what did you learn this year? What experiences did you have? What outcomes or changes have you produced? What mistakes have you made and how have you grown from them? How has your choice to show up with intention and awareness in your own daily life contributed to the growth or evolution of the individuals or organizations around you? What are you most proud of?

Let me also invite you to remember that you did all of those things during year two of a global pandemic in which daily life could be complex, isolating, overwhelming, overloaded, emotionally charged, or at the very least, difficult to predict. Look at how capable and powerful you are! You are a warrior and your efforts have been truly breathtaking. If no one has said it to you lately, then please let me: ‘m so incredibly proud of you. 😭

Celebrate yourself this holiday season. You’ve crushed it.

And now please take some time to rest before you dive headfirst into whatever is next.

Yes, you absolutely deserve it!

And though rest absolutely does not need to be earned, you’ve most definitely, definitely, definitely done enough, and you can lay your head down and relax for a little while.

I would love to hear your celebrations for this year. If you are interested in sharing, just reply to this email or hit the ‘Connect with Sam’ button below. All replies come directly to me and are totally private. That said, if you’d like to be seen in your accomplishments, I will create a celebration section in my next email so we can applaud each other. 🥰

As ever, a huge deep bow of gratitude to every single one of you for being on this journey together. It is a privilege to do this work and to get to know all of you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!