Motivation and Support

Feeling Sluggish? You are not Alone.

Already it is mid-January, and normally by this time, we’re already halfway to crushing our Q1 goals. Yet right now things feel a little heavier than usual for a lot of folks. If you are feeling sluggish in your mind, heart and body…or if you have a sense that it’s harder than usual to plan and motivate and get excited about stuff…or the holidays feel like forever ago but you also don’t feel rested…or you’re tired of adjusting and readjusting to covid life…or you’re sick, or your kid is sick, or you are worried about getting sick…or anything else you’re feeling right now…please know this:

It’s not just you.

You are not alone.


You are not failing.

I know you want to get ahead, but please know this:

You are absolutely NOT falling behind.

Shit’s kinda crazy right now. It just is.

And guess what? It’s ok to move a little more slowly.
It’s ok to need more rest or take more breaks.
It’s ok if you don’t dive right in. It’s ok if you eeeeease in, nice and slow.
It’s ok if you don’t feel as excited as you usually do in January.

Whatever you’re feeling is ok.

Whatever you’re feeling, you have permission to feel that.

It’s ok to be heavy right now.

(While I’m speaking to the tired people right now because I’ve been on calls with a lot of tired people lately, I want to say to those who are stoked about the new year…that’s fabulous! You get to be that, too!┬áDon’t dim your light or your energy to match others. Go forth and be stoked! You have permission to absolutely crush it! )

I know how hard for busy working adults to give themselves permission to slow down. I know that life seems to pile up when we take a break. It’s ok to let life pile up for a minute. Everything that needs to get done will get done…in time, and with renewed energy…if you allow yourself permission to rest and rejuvenate.

And so, once again for the people in the back:

You are not alone. You are not failing. You have permission to go slow and take care of yourself.

I love you. You got this.