Motivation and Support,  Try This

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Sometimes it is really hard to write these emails. Every time we turn around, we are faced with another problem, challenge or hardship at the collective level.

It’s wonderful that we have technology that allows us to connect with folks and witness what’s happening everywhere in the world at every moment.


It’s not always possible to hold all of the challenges and strife going on across the entire globe in our hearts and heads while also remaining focused on moving through the challenges of modern daily life, here on the ground in our own little corners of the world.

If you feel like you are often caught up in this sort of mental/emotional tug-of-war, you are most definitely not alone.

My invitation to you for today is to cut yourself a little bit of slack.

Don’t try to be everywhere at once. You can’t be anyway.  So how about a practice of being right here, right now?

Focus on one thing at a time.
Guess what? You’ll probably drop a ball or two.
That’s ok. They aren’t going anywhere. You can pick them up later.

Cut yourself some slack. You are human.
Cut yourself some slack. You’re doing superhumanly well under super difficult conditions.
Cut yourself some slack. You are not alone.
Cut yourself some slack. You are holding enough.
Cut yourself some slack. You are doing enough.
Cut yourself some slack. You are enough.

Do what you can, right here and right now. Let the rest go…if only for just a moment.

You got this.
I got you.