Motivation and Support,  Try This

Bracing for Monday? This is for You.

Monday is upon us again, and if you find yourself bracing for the impact of another big busy week, then this gentle invitation is for you.

When you approach your tasks from a quieter mental space, things that felt impossible just a moment ago suddenly feel easy, things that seemed like a huge forest fire suddenly feel like barely a spark, and things that seemed like The Hugest and Most Important Things Ever suddenly evolve themselves into the right size and shape.

Today, before rushing headlong into your to-do list and immediately getting wound up in the stress of everything you have going on, take a moment to clear and settle your mind with these steps:

– Close your eyes.

– Feel the seat underneath you, supporting you and connecting you to the ground.

– Take a long deep breath.

– Notice that you are here in this body at this moment.

– Take another long deep breath. Let the air iiiiiiin. Let it oooout.

– Notice your shoulders, neck, and face release.

– Put one hand on your belly and the other on your heart.

– Take another long, deep breath – the deepest one yet.

– Say the following to yourself (in your head or out loud):

“Everything that needs to get done will get done. Anything that is forgotten will be remembered if it’s truly important. I have permission to slow down. When I slow down, I’m more effective.”

– Take one more long deep breath, blink your eyes open

– Thank yourself for showing up for the courageous practice of slowing down and setting your day up from a place of mental clarity and calm groundedness.

You are doing so well. So, so well.

Take your time.
Less is more today.

You got this. I got you.❤️